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I hate you

you were my bestfriend we did everything together then one day i forgot to respond to your email and you were never the same i became kind of emo and i will admit it and you became shallow and only cared about your brand name clothing which you denie which was not the person that became my bestfriend i became friends with the person that excepted you no matter what and i spent over a year crying over it because i knew that some how it was my fault but yet i never built up the courage to do enything about it and then when i finally had the chance i was shocked by the kind of cold hearted bitch you became and then i was at a loss for words but now that i look back on it i feel sorry for you instead of myself because you need expensive clothes that you probably cant afford to make you feel good about yourself so i guess i am sorry that i didnt take the time to respond to your email and you became a really crapy person so forget it my exx best friend who couldnt get a date if she paid them you are and always will be a dirty back stabing bitch i hate you


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