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You'll never know

The day my life will be complete, is the day I see you again.

I am so sorry for how I treated you. I loved then. It scared me. I still love you now. I will love you til' the day I day.

I will die one day knowing that you were the one I should have been with.

I'm sorry for me, I'm sorry for the way I acted.

You didn't give it the time of day to really know more about me, and the way I treated you... I don't blame you.

But I am sorry that you'll never know... Not ever... You'll never know how much I love you.

It's very sad. Everyday, my heart cries for you. Everyday, I think of only you. Everyday, I hate myself because my heart won't let you go. You were the one. You were then. You will always be.

I love you. I am sorry I never showed you. I will live with this regret forever. I will live with not showing you that I love you. I will die knowing that I never let the man that held my heart, never let him know he was one very special man. I love you and I always will.


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