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End of the road

I keep thinking that everything would be okay and that my son need you. I feel like a fool for giving you a second chance. I thought maybe you would be a better man from the time I left until now. You have not changed one bit and all that keeps running in my head is my little boy. I am so sorry for believing in you and for allowing myself to go back. I am not sure if I even love you because you destroyed so much of me. I left the first time and I should have stayed gone. While we were apart you did so much damage to my son and I so what made me believe that you cared? Sometime I feel I need you because of our son but you don't offer your hand so why do we really need you? You are not around all the time to show our son guidance and you surely don't support him so I am asking myself why? I just want to scream out and say please get out of our lives. It hurts sometimes because I want a family, I want happiness, I want love, I want support,and comfort. I want so much out of life but it seems I won't get it if you are apart of it. What do you really want? You sleep all day, gamble all night. You live, sleep and walk the streets. I am getting older, our son is getting older. Are we suppose to stand back and wait on you until it's too late. I want out of the relationship, you take advantage of my sincerity for you. I think that I only came back because I felt sorry. I am tierd of feeling sorry for others that don't have my heart at interest. It hurts me to say that I don't need you but I wanted you becuase I believed we can be better together raising OUR son. I realize a kid is not the key to a relationship. I let you back in because I knew how much you were hurting from the loss of me but I should had known better. I am sorry to say that we are not meant to be and the only greatest thing that could have happened to us is our son. I think we should leave with the dignity we have know before we fully destroy what is left. I don't hate you but I just wish you understood how I felt, why I feel this way? how much I tried to understand you and the choices you made?I tried but I keep coming back to this same place that I hate so much. I just want to be happy and enjoy life as it is. I am sorry if I am going to hurt you like this again but I can't do this anymore. I don't like hurting others but guess what I am hurting myself by dragging this relationship along. My main concern is my son. He is in the middle of us and if you think he is not getting affected you are sadly mistaken. This is the end of the road for us and hopefully oneday you will forgive me for my decision.


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