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From the deepest part of my heart and soul I am truly sorry

I'm sorry I disappointed you for the way I behaved at the bar when I was drunk & telling u that it bothered me that u never gave me the chance to show u who i really was & to show u that u could find happiness with me. I'm sorry that I picked on you for not contributing more to our friendship by making me do all the calling & emailing to say hi or to hang out. I'm sorry that my apologies are not good enough for you that u feel u must ignore me. I feel terrible that when I reached out to hug u bye that u thought I was putting the moves on u. From the deepest part of my heart and soul I am truely sorry for the way this has made u feel. Please dont turn your back on me & walk away from this friendship that I want more than anything. I'd give anything for the chance to prove myself to u. Please forgive me.


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