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Confused and stupid

i have been with my girlfriend for 2 and a half years, when i went to college i thought that this was over, but it wasn't and we decided to stay together because we loved each other, 2 weeks ago i cheated on her, i live 900 miles away at school and due to athletics i only get to see her about 2 months out of the year, we had a very large fight one night and even though we were still together, i was confused and stupid and i slept with another person, another person i would never sleep with in my life but i did and i don't know why, i feel like such an asshole and nothing could ever make me feel as bad after until she got on my face book and read it on a group wall, i am not sorry because i go caught, i am sorry because the one person i loved is hurt, i have never seen or heard her speak to me the way she did and i can't even look myself in the mirror, all i want is her back, i can not believe i hurt her this badly and its killing me inside, i love her and i miss her more than i can even describe, the thought of being without her and not talking on the phone with her everyday is killing me already, i am so sorry


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