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Be at port

Blank, im sorry it ever had to end at all. I know, I promised i would never leave you and i'd always be by your side, but I can never ever keep any promises i make, and i dont know why. I know i broke you into a million bagillion trillion pieces becuase i havent heard from you in a while and your art page is basically gone...i realize the damage i have done to you and i can honestly i regret our break up SOOO much, and im SOOO sorry it ended the immature way it did, i ireally should have called you, but i was too scared and shy, so my cowardly self sent an email. I'm so incredibly sorry for what i did for you. I really want you to know that i will always be here for you, and that even when you do go off to boot camp i will try to get to the port you will be leaving at. I still want to see you before you go off to boot camp and eventually the Navy. Please forgive me and dont be sad just because of me, there are a lot of much better things other then me to be smiling about.

I'm sorry.


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