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Baggy clothes

Hey you(insider) I am deeply sorry for both the pain i put us through.I realize that i loss a begining to a long time friendship.I didnt mean everything that people probably have been saying.Its hard for me to trust people and you thats why everything went the way it did.I felt used and unappreicated.I was crushed.I knew you were married and we had settled our fling.I dont know why i decided to pursue jealousy when i still had you anyways.But now everything is over .you cant even look at me or talk to me.I loss friends and alot of other things.I see why teacher student relationships are off limits.Its embarassing.I told you i liked you i never expected mutual feelings but it was there.I was scared to pursue it because i know i'm very emotional and i didnt want to hurt anybody.But you insisted so i took it.I am sorry to the bottom of my heart.I may not mean much too you anymore but you mean the world to me no matter what the outcomes are.I miss your kiss your touch your laugh your smile everything about you.I'm hated and you know it.You think i have change but i'm still there somewhere buried up underneath all the guilt and pain.Dont believe the baggy clothes the attitude it not hatred towards you its to keep me strong.Keep me from breaking down every night,keep me from hurting myself its to keep my heart from stopping because i no longer want to go on.I put my all in this rlationship and then deroyed it because i knew it was wrong.i knew that you were already committed.And it was said i'm trying to ruin your marriage but i'm not im not a homewrecker thats why i didnt want our relationship to sorry,hot den a mug(insider)


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