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Cheated and lost

Iíve had a relationship stretched over a period of 4 years. I must say it hasnít been all bunnies and presents (weíve had some thorny moments). About two years ago, I cheated on the love of my life and never told her. I assumed that she would never find out and that I could pretend that it never happened but I was wrong. She found out. It has been five tortuous months since a friend told her and not a day goes by that I donít curse myself for what happened. I know the meaning of being sorry and I feel it within me. I am sorry for my actions and my weakness. I know that I have lost her trust and her love. I feel that now, no matter what I say or do, everything turns against me. In her mind, the image is like a feedback loop that is self-sustaining, recharged and rekindled by any chain of thought that is remotely related to one person cheating on another. I should have told her what happened; I owed her the truth because thatís the least you can do if you love someone. I have lost my love and I am truly and utterly sorry.


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