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a few weeks ago one of my close guy friends came over (who happens to like me allot) and we were hanging out near my house when .. he kisst me. and i didnt do anything about it.
thenn he tried to kiss me again annnd.. i let him. it was like.. a full pash buht nothing more then lip movement and stuff. nothing else then kissing
and i felt so bad afterwards and so i told my boyfriend
and he said he was ok but not to do it again. buht i knew he was deeply hurt by it. which made me feel so bad about what i did, and i was so afraid we would break up coz i love him so much.
and yeah. soon it spread through the whole school and he thinks something more then kissing happend.
coza the way people are talking.
all i want to say is im SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO SORRY babe, thers nothing more inportant in my life then you. and what i did is by far the dumbest thing i have ever done. please believe me that i would never do anything to purposly hurt u. im never gona do that ever again.
i cant stress how sory i am =[


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