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Ruined perception of love

I'm sorry that I don't care..

You have noo idea the ammount of compassion and affection I put into a relationship, you've never given me the time of day, it might not be wise to compare me to anyone.

Quit acting like I should care, because we both know full well you've done nothing but screw with me. How hard is it to tell someone you'd rather not talk to or see them? you'd rather resort to violence, you've turned into a person I never want to be, but I should almost feel thankful because it's made it so easy to move on.

I may have said some stupid things, things that were uncalled for, atleast I can own up to my mistakes, you're so selfish it makes me sick. Go dig for some gold, or somethin'.

You have succeeded in ruining my perception of love, congrats. If I ever see you again, it will be too soon.


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