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Isn't the same

baban, i know i might have been a bit too jelouse, not once did i accuse, threaten, shout, scream, or curse at you. All i did was ask questions like when, where, how. Maybe i do have a trust issue, but its something i am more than willing to accept and to work on in order to be happy again, people say i just miss the company. Its not true, i miss you, the way you used to bite my nose in a playful manner, the way you used to say "blub bloo bugh" when ever i would compalin, and turn your head as you said it..always made me smile. I miss the way you would bite my arm and naw like a puppy at it while looking at me with loving eyes. No matter what though baban, i will miss just being able to hold you in my arms when i sleep, because holding back tears...just isnt the same


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