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Grab and hold them

What i did was go out with the person i love and while doing that about few days before this happened i asked a girl if she would kiss me and stuff. then about 2-3 days ago i was flirting w/ another girl. Then after flirting w/ another girl i said another was hot(my gurl was near). She wouldnt tlk to me, so i asked her whut was wrong and she didnt answer. she finally said she feels like i am going away and that she deserves someone better. She said she gave me more chances then whut i should have gotten. But i gave her 6-7 chances. and she gave me 2. I told her i will always love her and now that i think about it i have been a jerk to the one i love and i am so sorry. i didnt notice what i had till i almost lost it forever. Now i am thinking befroe i act and now she dont trust me w/ anyone. now i feel all guilty and i know i wont ever have my gurl like i used to. but she did worse things to me and she should look back and see how bad i felt when she went out w/ another guy. and madeout w/ one. at least i waited for her to be that age she was allowed to date another girl. i really dont know if she loves me cuzz of that so i have to test it. and now idk whut to do cuzz i dont want to lose her while testing her love for me.So people out there w/ a person they love grab them and hold them as much as you can before you might lose them. Or worse be dead. babie it's me T.V.E and i will always love you!!!!!!!!PLz dont leave me.!!
To:LRT my babie gurl.


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