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I miss us

I Messed up, Im Sorry.

that first time i said those three words, i ment them. i told you i wouldnt hurt you, but i did. i ended it because like you said "your afraid that im going to hurt you". i ended it because i was afraid that down the road i was going to hurt you. i told you i can deal with my life knowing i lost a girlfriend but i cant do it knowing i lost my best friend. ever since i left you my life has spiraled downward, i am being destroyed from the inside because i miss you. i miss you hugs when i cant hold myself up. i miss you kiss when i cant feel anything else but sadness. i miss your telling me what im worth. i miss...... being loved. for once in my entire life what my heart feels and what my mind is thinking are the same thing..... and that is i cant do this alone. i cant deal with my life alone. i miss you, and i will always love you. wether we're just friends or wether we're together, im always going to care. i feel like i dont deserve another chance. i feel like i dont deserve alot of things. but you tell me other wise and you make me believe that i am worth somthing. when you cry i cry because i know that i am the cause. i need sombody in my life that cares. you are the only one that wants to take the time to care. i miss you....i miss us.


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