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Lost without you

Im sorry that you fell for me, i thought i could handle it. knowing that you care when nobody else does is a great thing. we waking up every morining is too much to bear, and life has me down.... its always a soothing thought to know you will be their doing the impossible...dealing with me. when i see and hear your hurt i cry with you because i know that i caused it, i told you from the begining that i wouldnt. i broke that promise. when we sit and stair into each others eyes nothing else matters but that moment. i love you. for once what my heart is feeling and what my mind is thinking, they are same thing. im not going to beg, because i dont deserve to. i dont seem to deserve alot of things, but you think different. i miss you hugs when i cant hold myself up, and you kiss when i cant fell anything but sadness. ill always care, ive told you a thousand time "never forget" and you havnt. neither have i. im sorry, that i ended it when nothing was wrong. im sorry that i broke OUR promise. i feel lost without you, please be their to guide me.


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