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I promise sweetheart

I know that damage is done. i promised you that i would call and i didnt. i know that you are angry and you have every reason to be. correct me if im wrong, but i think that you are feeling frustrated and fed up. i understand. not only that but i think that you think that i am not putting you fist and i am just blowing smoke up your butt when i promised you. at this point, excuses are unacceptable, but you do deserve an explanation. after lastnight's session, i fell asleep on the spot. Like i said, i am not gving you an excuse, so i dont want you to feel like im looking for an "ok, i understand" because i am not. I have been irresponsible and neglegent, putting things before you. it doesnt matter what it is, you are more important.after this morning, i had to stop and think long and hard about how you are feeling what why. with my uncle, i should have found another way to talk to you, but i didnt. and im sorry. for not calling you in the morning, i was being inconsiderate. i can underatand why that made you feel like i didnt care. i would feel that way. you are completely justified. there shouldnt be the excuse of "i awas sleeping" for not talking to you, especially when dealing with our given situation. I AM TRULY SORRY for allowing you to feel this way, because you never make me feel that way, EVER. i know that whenever you can, you will talk to me, even when you cant, you still do. and i PROMISE. let me say it again, I PROMISE to show you the love and attention that you show to me. i will not take your pateince and compassion for granted anymore. i never really realized how big this is, but i do now. Baby, you deserve to feel like someone cares for you, and most of all, that that someone is me. I PROMISE TO CHANGE THINGS. you dont have to beleive it now, but not only will i prove it, but youll feel it, the same way that you make me feel loved and cared for. i promise sweetheart. i love you, dearly.


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