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I hurt because he hurts

It hurt to know that we were two strangers who became friends now we are two friends who become strangers.I met this guy about 7 years ago, over the past 4 years we became very good friend.Our friendship was once fill with understanding,laughter, comfort, we used to joke about everything. I always knew that if something was to happen between us it will cause our friendship that is why I have been so careful and never wanted anything to happen but one day got carried way and I told him that I love him, at the time I thought I had no feels for him, but then I found out that I was lying to myself. I don't know when, where and how, but I fall in love with him. As friend we we have a great relationship but our personal life are too different, we want different things in, that is why I can't let him know that I have feels for him. He told me he know that I am lying and I said no I am not. Now he won't even call me and when I call him he won't answer.Now we are two friends who became two strangers. I never want to hurt him but I did. ALl I ever want for him is for him to find true happiness. I don't know what to do, I am hurt because he is hurt.


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