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Dedicated to the man i love:
J. you know,you are my life...even after i know we wont be together,it still hurt my heart,wishing it to stop..its too hard to believe,that you don't love me anymore,after all this what we did for each others.Even if i know that you wasnt angel too,i still love you,and the time or whatever i do,it wont stop.It hurts when u don't care.When you love someone else,and you dont care about each word i say to you.I wish i could never met you,just to erase this 2 years,because the pain is burning me inside...You even don't listen...where is your humanity?
It hurts when i just look for your love,but i dont get it dont know how painful is it...not getting love..
Sometimes i just wish to stop all contacts and thinking about you,but it seems impossible...with little patience i will...because i know we will never be together again..and you will never ever love me...
Do u ever know what is pain?What is feel when someone u love from bottom of your heart leave you,and don't care what happen with you?
Where is your good heart?All i see is only one cold attitude and face...tell me how many times i have to say that i regret about this pain,you to hear me?
Or the game hard-to-get will cotinue forever?
How many times i have to say "im sorry" for you to see me,or even notice me?
Do i need to put my heart in box,and send it to you,to realize that in me still burn the flame of love?
Or i just waste my time,because u love someone else?
And you knew it could hurt me like never until knew it,but kept doing this things...
Ask yourself this question...did u loved me really,when you did all this,falling in love with someone else,and knew that it could put my life in risk?


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