Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I do love him

look i really really like this guy my friend used to date and he said he liked me alot too and he even told me that when he went out with my friend all his attention was focused on me. and he came over my house about 3 wks straight and everytime he was here he would hug me and wrestle me to the ground and lay on me or lay on my lap. and he would go everywhere with me. but he still had a gf. and every night we would txt each other till about 11 at night. and the last time it was he came over that night i REALLY told him how much i liked him and he's like but u dont LOVE me right. and i said duh i dont LOVE any1 but my family. and he said thanks now i feel so much better (sarcastically) and i said wuts wrong he said thanks for ripping my heart out. and now its been about 3wks to a month since he last came and i see him everyday at skool and i feel so bad cuz he wont talk, hug, or hang out with me anymore. he will ike once in awhile poke me or he hugged me ONCE last friday. but he dont talk 2 me now. i just wunna tell him that i am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY for hurting him and that now i think i do love him......


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