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I Hurt Him - I'm Sorry

One day a good friend of mine told me that he liked me...I actually considered it!!! He was my first everything and we were together over two and a half years...then I went away to college. At first I did great; then I didn't think we needed each other anymore. I broke his heart! After two months we saw each other again, and nothing changed. When we were together everything was perfect, but when we weren't he could not think of anything but how bad I hurt him...I wish things were different and I want him back!!! I realized that I was looking for someone better and that there is nobody better for me than him!!! I wish that I could wake up and it all be a dream, but I can't...He still can't forgive me for what I did, now I understand that I have to forgive myself first!!! We will alwyas remain friends because we need each other, I am only hoping that he will wake up one day and want me back...but the hardest part about the break up was not facing him again, or wanting him back, or waiting for him to figure out his feelings...the hardest part is learning to forgive myself for the choice I made, and because of it I am a better person. I can only hope that he gives me a second chance for me to prove myself.


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