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dear ****

i hav tryed 2 say sorry to you but i must of completly ruined our relationship as you do not talk 2 me at all no more. i miss you babe we used 2 hav such good times you taught my bro random things and you always made me smile. when ever i cried you reashored me when ever i laughed you laughed 2 i should of never over reacted like that and this argument was all my fault im really sorry i jumped 2 conclusions befor i actually relized wot was goin on between you and amy even thou we wer not goin out i still loved you like we were. i still love you and i ruined wot there was left between use we got over the arguments before but maybe this one wont blow over please just atleast listen 2 me all i need are 2 minuits 2 tell how much i want you back and if u dont want that then fine thats your desision im not askin you 2 forgive me im just askin for you 2 listen


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