Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
The one I really love

Given to me from a wonderful man, but I am sorry that the one I really love couldn't see what all others see;

If I could turn you into wine.....
It would be a sin
Not to drink you in
I would make you a red wine
All soft and warm like a summer morn

If you were wine.....
You should be sipped and savored
Each drop of you swirled in my mouth
So that all the nuances of your essence
Can be fully experienced and appreciated

If you were wine.....
You would be the finest vintage ever to be sealed
You should be opened carefully
Given time to breath and ripen
Until all of your flavor can be revealed

But you are not wine.....
You are so much more
Your lips, sweeter than the ripest grape
Awakening passions that could never be bottled
Creating love that could never be bought

You are not wine....
No matter how good can only be enjoyed
Until the bottle is empty
You, I can consume over and over
Ever changing
Ever fine
Ever delicious
Ever mine

Embrace me
Appreciate me
Tell me you love me
Tell me it's the same love
That I feel for you


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