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Such a dork

to someone who touched me deeply...

the reason i'm writing this fred, because i'd accept anything dramatic

in this world but not your loss, it's more than i can afford.

you haunt me in my dreams and it is too hard to get my heart to let you

go, what i feel is beyond my heart and my own understanding.i don't

fully understand what you did to me, something about you got me too

lost in you.

what i did was too awful, i'll never forget it and i know you can't

either and i hate myself for losing what i had with you, you weren't

merely a guy my heart beats to, you were my bestfriend and i know i

might never have you back and all the blame falls on me.

I want you to know that everything that I'm about to say is coming from

the bottom of my heart.I know that it will be very difficult for you to

accept my apology, without you i don't think i'll have the strength to

stand at all,and i still can't believe how much i enjoyed time with you

and i let it slip through my hands.

i totally deserve what i get, but i never meant what i said that day,
i'm too lost without you.
i wish you love and i want you to be happy, ... i really do.. so bad.
i killed myself the day i hurt you.

our memories have broken my heart because i screwed it...
i wish you may find it in your heart, and try to forgive me, i'm such a dork.


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