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I Cheated - Now I'm Sorry

Me and My X Girlfriend had gotten together 4 years ago. We used you have a pretty great relationship I loved her because she was always herself, she was loving, caring, funny and she always knew how to make me feel better when I was feeling down.Everytime I saw her I got so excited everytime I left her I felt like I couldnt say bye. I cheated on her I went out with another girl whom I didnt even do anything but kiss 2 times the whole month and a half we went out because I was still way too busy thinking about my ex. And a year later today I still find myself thinking about her everyday and only her.I dont think I love or will ever love another girl as long as I live well besides my mom but thats family love. Its been a year later and I am doing much better I have a job I am finishing up GED I am getind my drivers ed and I am on the road to success although without the love of my life


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