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Sorry to myself

it sounds odd but i wanna say sorry to myself for not being able to defferentiate between people who loves me and who loves me not. i fell for a guy, went beyond my comfort zone just to see him smile and BOI, he had someone else...

i understand he got her pregnant and i'm here, calling him everyday, fantasizing bout him, loving him better every waking day and shame... he loved someone else. how unfair can life be? aren't some hurting we have had in our past experiences not enough yet?

afterall he has done, he aint apologising and stupid me, i would do anything, anything to be with him, despite what he has done he is and will always be the one thing in the world that makes me happy. he knows that and he aint doing nothing about it, maybe it was not meant to be and this is the first time in my life that i know, with total assurance, that i have to make the rest of my journey without him in my life!!!

i wish him all the best in life, he will always be my number 1.


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