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Baby I'm so sorry for the things I've ever said to hurt you. I know telling you that we shouldn't be talking or seeing each other anymore would make me miss you like it kills and cuts me so deep inside. But its only for our own good. Your leaving overseas for 3 months in 5 days, and what could I do? The earlier we let go, the quicker this relationship could get rid of. I know Its gonna be so difficult for me to get over you but I'm going to try my best to do everything. Since your over there.. having fun. You could easily forget about me right? I don't know.. i always say these things that i know isn't true. But.. somehau i always think so negatively. Don't I ? * sighs.. I just wanna dedicate this to you. And this the last word I'm going to have with you. I love you so deep honey. I MISS YOU SO MUCH !! xx


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