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I won't beg for your attention

Well, here I am once again, like an idiot.

I tried to contact the one that holds my heart. Kept it light and sweet in hopes it was him.

Like an idiot that I made of myself, it wasn't the person I hoped it would be. Made a fool out of myself in front of the one that I care for. I'm not desperate for love, just wished it was him as I do love him.

Oh well, I suppose. Life still continues while my heart aches for you.

One hopeful day I'll go through life without you in my thoughts. I love you somehow, but........... I won't beg for your attention, but I do sincerely care for you ..........In some odd sense in such a short time....

I guess I should be grateful that I finally experienced actually "wanting to do anything for that certain someone."

It's my loss. Because I truly adore you. I would do anything for you. Not too mention, that not too much in this world impresses me, but you did....


All I can say now is that I just hope you find someone who is making your dreams come true as you certainly deserve it. You are number one in disguise. I fell for you and so quickly. But, I have no regrets...

Good luck to you. I hope that this life offers you everything you desire. Someone in this world thinks you are the BEST. I knew it then and still know it. I won't apologize for being afraid of love, but instead, I can hope that
no matter what you are doing, no matter who you are with, your days ends with a smile on your face. You're a sweetheart... I know it and so does everyone else.

You are number one and so am I. Why our games have to continue is a mystery.

So be it....

But I truly adore you


you feel it too.

Take care

Forever and always.....

I love you


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