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you both just truly deserve a sorry

I am truley sorry for everything that has happened. It was all a huge disaster, mixed with confusion, knowing the true meaning of love, I got what i deserved, i lost both my best friend and, you. I am truely sorry for what i did to my best friend though, i thought i loved him , i had known him way longer and was with him before you came along. I know that he cared about me, just as much as you did, so it was sad that i had always picked your side over his. This just all went the wrong way, Neither of you deserved it, The day you came along, i should have stuck with you, instead of going back to what i once had. You would understand this a little bit more if you had a love before me. Unfortunatly, i am your first true love, so you do not know what this is like for me. I loved you, just as much as i used to love him. When things got complicated for us, going to someone i have trusted forever, just felt right. He always knew what to say, & i was longing for the happiness i had with him, whenever you made me unhappy. Now, you moved away, and i miss you a whole lot, but it's better this way, & i see who used to be my best friend, every day in school. I can honestly say i am happy for him, he has found this girl that he is pretty steady with, and we still talk and are friends, Im glad this finally all ended, but, you both just truley deserve a sorry.


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