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Your arrogance and stubbornness is to blame

So you thought you were "too good." But I felt what you felt too.

So, when you see on me on TV with the man who I choose, I hope to God you realize that I could be standing next to you.

I am nothing, but now in a such a fake way, I am. I love you, you're just too arrogant to admit you love me like I do you. I guess you thought I wasn't good enough. But guess what? All the others wanted me while I wanted only YOU. I love you but you never thought I was the worth the time....
to just listen to me. That's it. Because if you did, you would probably laugh it all off and understand. Nothing was a big thing. Only your "perfection."

I tried so hard with you for you to talk to me again. I am a good person and you know it. I fell for you because I know no matter what you own, or what you do, you're a good person too. But your arrogance stops the good from happening, yet you blamed me for stopping it.

Several men later....

I never thought I could feel what I did with you. Never searched or had the faith I'd find it..

The difference between him and you is he gave me the time. Unlike you...

There is not a loser from what happened between you and I.. I loved you and still do. I believe I always will. Your arrogance and stubbornness is to blame. But just do not blame me.

I love you. I hope you know that.


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