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i am sorry i cannot say all this to you in person

I know what I did is so unforgivable,i almost killed you,i know you lied to cover the truth for me, then i turned around and would not give you the space you needed to sort things out, i had to keep pushing, until i got that VOP. I got locked up for my own doing, and still blamed you for everything, i played the victim, kept writing to you, let everyone see the letters you wrote me, but they never saw the letters i wrote you. You were the victim all along, the six and a half years i abused you, lied to you, cheated on you, left you alone so many nights not knowing where i was. Blew my money instead of helping to pay the rent, then you'd pay it all out of your taxes. You were always bailing me out, and i would continue to hurt you. I still continue to hurt, we may not be able to talk, but the deceit i did behind your back still continues. I cannot tell people the truth, it has all been about saving face. I am dying inside, i wish i could tell everyones all the good things you did for me, instead of all the negative. I can't, oh please forgive me, i know you had every right to walk away from us. I know my friends say to you they are so glad you did what you did to get away from me, because they feel i am a better person without you, but what they don't know is i am a better person because of you. I owe you so much, and i can't even tell them because of my pride. Please find this, please know i hate myself for everything i put you and the kids through, i know i was very wrong, and i am ashamed of myself, i am sorry i cannot say all this to you in person K.


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