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Love without hurt does not exist

Mistakes are made quite often in peoples lives.
Be it as important as a choice
That determines your fate in life,
Or as simple as a small detail
Getting blown out of proportion,
Mistakes are made.
People can often make mistakes worse
By putting anger into it,
And bringing up points best left alone.
Mistakes always end up with a price.
The price depends on the mistake.
Sometimes the price can be so dire
That the one who made the mistake
Is left in sorrow, loneliness.

People aren't meant to live alone.
People need companionship. Friendship. Love.
It's just something that when it's not there, people die.
To someone that has searched for love, it can be devastating.
They don't die physically, but spiritually they are alone.
No matter who's there to help them,
Someone who has loved and lost is dead inside.
Are people meant to fear that deathly lonliness?
Or are they meant to fight it?
Keep going, searching for a different love?

Or, they can try their hardest to not fear or fight.
To love throughout their fears.

Love is an extraordinary thing.
It can be blissful, and it can be wonderful.
Sometimes however, it can be hurtful.
Love without hurt does not exist,
But true love, unlike other love, will keep going.
Through whatever loss, whatever pain,
Whatever hurt love brings,
True love will find a way through.

No, true love is not magical, it's not mythical,
It's not what they tell you in fantasies either.
No, it doesn't mean you princesses, or princes.
No, it won't mean a completely happy ever after.
No, it's not a strict set of rules because
Love is different for different lovers.
But what makes true love true is one thing.
No matter what obstacle comes between true love,
Either one or both lovers will rise against it
To keep true love going.
That's what I believe.

That's what I hope I have.
That's what I hope I have with you.


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