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Im sorry for not being there for our sons

To princess
Im Sorry for everything, hurting you and upset you, although you forgave me so many times. I still hurt and did not make you feel loved. Im sorry for the times u felt alone, Im sorry for leavin u own all alone wen u needed me.
Im sorry for the times I had to go, Im sorry for the times I never showed on time, I sorry that I didnít know, Im sorry u cant be open with me, Im sorry I was to blind to see, I'm sorry for the times I would neglect. Im sorry I ignored when I was with my friends,
I'm sorry for the times I disrespect, im sorry for all the wrong things I done, Im sorry for not being their for our sons, Im sorry that I didnít handle the situations well, I'm sorry for the things that I didnít say things like how you are the best thing in my world and how I'm so proud to call you my girl, Im sorry for chatting to them girls, Im sorry for not helping you when I could have.Im sorry for lying lying to you.I can sorry all I like but its just a word I will prove it yo you that I love you and do everything to heal you. Just please give me chance, just remember the good times. Getting up to naughty things having a laugh. I love our hugs I wish I can make it less painful. You dont have to forgive me just try and forget.I love you


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