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You can forgive, just don't ever forget

I have said I am sorry so many times. I have done everything in my power to show how sorry I was and that what I had done was wrong. I knew, he knew it, everyone knew it. It has been 3 years now. We still talk, and we both know that there is something more there, something taht won't die. But for those of us who have asked for forgiveness, remember to forgive yourself, it's so very essential to being forgiven by others. I will not wait forever for him, as much as I could, I won't. This is to say I hope he realizes this. I hope somehow, somewhere he understands what so many people ar eblind to. Some people do change. I have moved on in so many ways and know that the mistake I made with him was one that changed my life forever and for the better but still miss what we had. Just taking a moment to help others realize that saying you're sorry doesn't take away what you've done, it either allows you to take a step forward together or on your own. Love is about forgiveness. You can forgive, just don't ever forget.


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