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take your millions and your jet, and kiss my ass

You know....

I am great. I am true. I am extremely intelligent. I am hot, with a better body than most. But, most importantly, I am sincere with no games and I have a huge, loving, very kind heart.

I fell in love with you, instantly. Even though, I am extremely picky, you broke the guard down in one heartbeat.

I am not desperate. I need no one, including you. I will not beg for you. If you think you could get better; got for it. And, good luck.

You can kiss off as even though I love you, I won't put up with your arrogance. You're wonderful, but not the best and I deserve nothing less. You're too in love with yourself, and darlin..... You cannot compare to the others. So, if you want something different, keep looking, because you're
not a match to me.

I love you, but yet, you're not good enough for me. If i thought you were--you'd be here. Deep inside, you'renothing short of an arrogant asshole who is searching for the best. Well, I am the best. You're so in love with yourself, the only one you see is you. Good luck (lol).

I love you, but I certainly don't "need you." You aaid you care for me. Let me correct you, now.... The only one you need is "you." ............(so ya think)

You can take your millions and your jet, and kiss my ass. I love you, but I can love others.

I'm sorry I ever wasted one single moment of any kind of thoght over you. I am a gem, I am true. But, you are only one loser with money. Good luck, because you definitely need it.



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