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I don't even remember if we really ever had closure

My ex and I dated for almost five months. Everything was going well.. never had problems for the past four months except for the fact that he really hates waiting. I never denied that I am sometimes late (I'm a girl, what can I do?). And he never denied that he doesn't have any patience when it comes to waiting. Then one day, all of a sudden, he broke up with me. Then next thing I know we're back to being okay again.. even closer and "super" okay. To make it short, we ended up breaking up again but this time, I wasn't sure who said what. All I remember was him being so mad at me because I chose to see my friend (girl - who was really in need at that time) over him. We were supposed to watch a movie together, we planned it a few days back but an unexpected event happened and I really had to go see my girl friend. I tried explaining and all but he seemed to be not hearing and understanding my explanation. I don't even remember if we really ever had a closure or something.


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