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A Mistake of an Almost Lover

A Mistake of an Almost Lover

Okay so this guy and I started to like each other but, mind you we didn't go out. He's 3 years older than me, yet his age considers me jailbait. Anyway, once we got passed that, we started to really like each other and even though we still weren't going out, it was like we were unofficially dating. More so, a few things had happened between us, if you catch my drift.

Well, one day, I ran into a friend of mine and she introduced me to this other guy. We started to like each other, but in sort of the little crush kind of way. Well, the second guy wanted to know if he could comeover my house and mind you, I'm home alone until roughly 5:30 in the afternoon. So, because of the respect I had for the first guy, I called him up and asked (something that I'm not required to do since everytime I asked him out, he would tell me that he needed to "straighten out his life first" so we never started to date). He said that it was fine on one condition: if anything were to happen I had to tell him.

So I told the second guy that he could comeover. Lo and behold, some things did happen (not much though) and as soon as he left I called the first guy and told him. Now, he's telling me he doesn't think he can give me another chance and that this is something that doesn't seem fixable. For the past few nights, I have cried myself to sleep and honest to God, I have never cried this much over anyone or anything. I've tried apoligizing to him. I took so many steps in trying to fix this thing we had. Such as, I told the second guy about my feelings for the first and that's when he told me that he was going to step down completely so I can go after the first. I've apoligized to the first one so many times. I've been doing everything I could. But now, all is shot to hell.

So, yet again, to the first guy, I'm still so incredibly sorry. I've done everything to try and show you how truely sorry I am, and I'll apologize on the world wide web if it means anything. But, to quote the words of the song "Everything":

"But if you're ready to be my everything
If you're ready to see it through this time
And if you're ready for love then
This I will bring
But I'm not gonna wait for you forever this time"

I love him so much and if I were to lose him, I have no idea what I would ever do with myself. I've taken the steps to fixing it. Now all that's left is his.


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