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On bended knee and one hand on my heart i`m sincere!

I have been with my girlfriend since 1994 we were both married at the time i got a divorce and she moved out of state i married a different girl but couldn't get my girlfriend out of my mind. She moved back i left my new wife to be with my heart and soul desire. I left a few things text message back in forth with my ex about belongings left by me. She showed them to my girlfriend who took them out of context for what i was saying ( cum get sum am ) she took to mean sex. My ex didn't say we were still having sex or anything like that this happened in 2003. It`s now 2007 we recently broke up and yet she still brings that up and other things i`m not guilty of i`m lost w/o her. She means the world to me i don't want to be apart I tried apologizing whole heartedly. I`ve read stories about going on ignoring her but she does all that to me. I don`t want to be with anyone else it would be so unfair to the other person and myself because i know i can`t truly love anyone else because of the amount of love i have for her i`ve tried before and just could never get her out of my mind. On my wedding day i`m at the alter thinking about my girlfriend. Finally get under one roof just me and her love her more than i love my own family yet here i am writing to you people somebody here in gods world please help me get her back. I didn`t cheat on her didn`t never go to any clubs don`t hang out with my friends take her to dinner every week go to work everyday i make 18.25 hr. and put my whole check in the bank every week except 25.00 and no atm card, she has that. So somebody please tell me where i went wrong? I thought ladies wanted men that were honest and not have to worry about where they are she is not seeing anyone else i`m positive of that. But she accuses me of just about everything under the sun that i`m not guilty of if i cheated or felt i did wrong by her then i could understand but truly all i wanted to do is provide for her and me. I ask myself if there is a god why is he so hard on me what did i do so wrong to deserve this feeling of abandonment I know that through the most troubling times in your life he will carry you! But yet and still that don`t ease my aching heart. I can`t make it honestly w/o her by my side. I`m sorry to be writing this but maybe someone has answers for me don`t tell me to move on with my life without her because thats not going to happen i just need her back by my side to finish our goals and plans together. On bended knee and one hand on my heart i`m sincere!


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