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Iím just so sorry I never loved you the right way.

My life hasnít taught me how to love the right way.
I Love You- With every thing inside me.
Iíve just been unable to show it the right way.
I am truly sorry for this.

I know how hard it was for you to understand that about me.
I understand how it would push you away.
And I am truly sorry for that.

There will never be a man to hold my heart the way you have.
If I had it to do over-I would hold you every night.
Not question your love, Just Accept it.
I would tell you how looking at you made me feel.
How holding you made me feel
How being with you made me feel.
I have never experienced that and was clueless in how to show it.

Itís to late now, and Iíll pay for that.
I do want all happiness for you,
and would never hope anything bad for you.
Iím just so sorry I never loved you the right way.


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