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He's Being Grumpy

well my ex boyfriend and I have been on a break,
because it is hard to see eachother since hes from
kings park and im from deer park ( on long island)
and he doesnt have his license and he said once he does
that we'd go back out. but i find since we've broken up
and have been friends on a break i find it now we've been
arguing and we got into a fight friday night and he blamed it on me because .....
he told me he couldn't go out and he told me he didnt kno y and i told him he has every right to know why hes not allowed out and hes like shes my mother she has every right this n that and he started flippin at me and he was
sayin wutever i dont care , i dont care what you say you got me really pissed off and also i said what is this a lets be mean to me kinda day and he got mad at that.
also he claims he dont call house phones that he feels wierd doin that and that he calls cells cuz all his friends have cells ......but i lost mine and he used to call it alot but since i lost it he hasnt called my house
im gettin a new cell for christmas....he expects me to wait
either 3-4 months u until he gets his license.

i dont know what to do
plus he cant tellme what makes him happy
or whats his favorite thing about me.
but he did tell me he likes everything about me
that he likes me , misses me, cares bout me and cant
live without me....

i dont know what to do so
i said im sorry for flipping out at you
but you have to understand i dont see you at all
and it hurts because your the one thing that makes me
happy this n that...but he still pissed at me so. idk wut 2 do


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