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I hope and pray we can kindle a flame that is only crimson ash

I really broke your heart and for all I know i ruined everything we had!!! I loved you so much I couldnt bear losing you but i totally pushed you away the one man I really love the one I want to spend eternity with and I broke that bond we had i lost you... Our friendship for what a few minutes of pleasure and a lifetime of hurt I hope one day you can forgive me !!! I know you desreve better than me I cant deny the fact of how much i love and miss you but I also cant deny I am an addict but my addiction is to you and everything we dreamed of can still be but you have to let some things go as well and accept i made a m few mistakes some of which cannot be mended but only time will reveal the truth and for that I will give you the time you need!!! Because if you truely were ment to be mine we would be together but we are not and we are still not where we should be in our lives as well as human nature allows I am making my attmept to change and making a revelation for my life the end of a torn mixed up me so if you want to get to know me give me the justice of time!!!! I still love you and always will I cried i had a dream of you !!!!I hope and pray we an ekindle a flame that is only crimson ash one day in th near future~~!!~~


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