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i am alone and sad, forever broken

I'm so sorry you did not see what a great husband and soulmate i was to you.I am so sorry that you did not see how well i provided for you that gave you that big house and that b.m.w.and you never had to work a day in your life.I am so sorry that I repeatly warned you that im doing more then my share and a help with the detalis would be nice.I am so sorry that i told you i feel so lonely even though your right here.and you choose to do nothing.I am so sorry you have this clutter problem that litters the house with useless trash,that make it hard to even find somewhere to sit.I am so sorry that i left with warning but you did not beleive,and now our family is broken.I am so sorry that i sit here wishing i could have it all back and have my children around me,and even the side of you i fell in love with back.I am so sorry i have to sit here and write how sorry i am.alone and sad forever broken.I am sorry that any chance you had at winning me back wich you tried many times is never gonna happen.I am so sorry that you look better now then when i meet you and you have to look like that,and all the attention it draws.I am so sorry you didnt get fat and ugly,but instead look like a swimsuit model.with hardly any help from a doctor.I am so sorry that I find I am still in love with you and its hard to get thru each day.I am so sorry i met you when i was 19 and was with you almost 20 years.I am so f---ing sorry that it all comes down to lawyers and fighting and our kids being effected,and me going from little leauge coach to hardly being a dad at all anymore.I am so sorry most of all that I will not get the chance to raise my son the way i raised my daughters.this is what i am most sorry about.I am so sorry there will come a day when he calls another man dad.oh shit am i ever sorry.if i could go back in time i would go back home and take a million times the lonelyness a millon times the arugeing a millon times the mess.but,I cant go back,at one time i could have even after putting her thru so much.but now that door is closed and I can never go back.And I dont want to move ahead either,im stuck in time,waiting,waiting,waiting.....for what i dont know ,but please get here soon.


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