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no one is here to help pick up the pieces you left lying

If a guy says i love exspect him 2 mean it when he kisses you, you think nothing could go wrong when he says he will never brake up with you, you think he means no time in the near future you then one phone call can change every thing there was a long pause actually 2 then he was joking bout being just friends then the forth time he means it.. after you hear what he has 2 say your heart goes blank you've been ripped 2 pieces in one day u say whatever he says bye and just the conversation not even an hour b4 he said i love you but what went wrong i dont know i'm not sure if he does either but i know i will never let someone in to my heart as easy as i did him when i said i love you back i meant it but those three words just repeat over and over and i makes me crazy knowing you never changed and this time was like every other,this time you acted as if it were the real thing and i fell for it now no one is here to help pick up the pieces you left lying


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