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You'll always be my Romeo!

Ever since we last spoke I have always been thinking about you. Everything in my life reminds me of you. My heart sings a sad song when I recall how fate took us apart.

(You know, I always had a hunch it would because everytime I really want something, I never get it. Kind of like that piano I wanted as a child).

My eyes well up in tears when my soul tells me you were the one and how stupid I was for letting you go. The harder I try to forget about you, the easier you keep coming up in my mind.

Despite than I am a married mother now (and in a troubled marraige), I still pray for you and your well-being. I also pray that someday...someday we may meet again and finally, be a part of eachother's lives.

Please understand that the reason that I let you go was a lie and I was forced to lie. It's a lie that I now have to live with for the rest of my life. Please forgive me! I am terribly sorry and a thousand times more!

By the way, I thought that you should know that I named my son after you. Sometimes, I feel that it was God's gift since only God knew how much I wanted to be with you forever. Even if all we were to have was eachother.

Hope life brings us together again! Oh and remember darling, strawberry fields foreveh!

My sincerest and bottled-up thoughts are now yours to hopefully cherish and keep! You'll always be my Romeo!


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