Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
for at least two seconds of the day

i want to have a beautiful poem for you...
i have no gift for words though...
when i think of you my stomach flips,
i start to shake and my knees give out.

i want to say that im worthy of you...
but i know that i am not.
theres no person in this world that is!,
to the whole world i want to shout.

every one takes you for granted,
they think that you are normal...
im the only one that loves you,
give me a single chance!

ive never said a word of it.
this love thats ripping me apart...
but for the medicine i need from you,
just one tiny glance.

to show that i am in your thoughts,
for at least two seconds of the day.
but then your eyes slide past me,
to your latest skin deep love.

i wish that i was worthy of you...
to know you love me best.
but im not anything special,
the same stuff everyone else of.


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