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everything happens for a reason

Me and my ex got together in 2005 and started dating as soon as we met. and he fell in love with me. but I guess I wasnt in love with him because I cheated on him twice and I felt bad he was the perfect bf and I didnt treat him like he deserved so after almost a year of dating, we finally said f*** it and broke up because I accused him of cheating (big mistake) and after 2 days of being apart he got with another girl and I regretted breaking up with him, and so I tryed over and over to get him back. and I almost gave up until one day after 4 months of him being with his new gf he started cheating on her because he missed me so much. and so that went on all summer hoping he would get back with me and then in october he went off to military camp and him and his gf broke up :) and I waited 5 months for him to get back, I even went to his graduation 400 miles away. and after he came back home. he FINALLY asked me back out. and we have been together a month so far. :D I'm actually happy that all happened because it helped me mature and relize cheating is wrong. and everything happens for a reason.


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