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You have no idea how much I regret my actions

I am sorry.

Sorry for not letting you know your affect on me.
You just blew me away. You're hot, successful, extremely intelligent, but despite all your wealth, you wouldn't turn anyone away. I only date successful men for a reason. The reason is: their inner determination, but yet they have to have a heart. It's not about the money. It's about the person inside.

You are every single thing I ever wanted to find in my life. What did I do, except react like an idiot. I am sorry, but
that I reacted the way I did. I only reacted to you like
that because I guess subconsciously, I never knev that I would encounter my perfect man who may take my heart away.

I pushed you away. You have no idea how much I regret my actions. I understand I so certainly acted like a psycho, but I'm really not. I just never knew that the perfect dream could be true.

You are perfect. You're hot, great personality, great sense of humor, you try to be arrogant, but you can tell you're reaLly not deep down inside, you're extremely intelligent, (very quick on your feet), you're fun, you're so attractive, you're more than successful, but yet you deep down inside you wouldn't look down on anyone. You are the one I have always been looking for. After so long, you become numb to the things you encounter. When I met you, you put in shock.
I felt your energy, that you were truely a descent person, a true person, (but yet a go-getter).

I can't stop thinking of you. Non in a psycho way, just
you come to my thoughts all the time (even several months later).

I wish I could prove to you, I'm not psycho; just was scared. In the 12 years I have been divorced, I can only
tell you that after all I have met, only YOU have made
me feel this way. I have the capability of dating someone
for 3 years (while being engaged off and on), and just to forget and never think of him again.

But with you, only a few short visits, were more meaning to me... More meaning than I ever hoped to find. I have had
the opportunities of a lifetime approach me, but never in my life did I know that one opportunity would actually come with a "real person," (which you are).

I'm sorry I was so sensitive, but please understand, that not only was I scared to let my heart go, but in shock I found "the man of my dreams," when I really wasn't looking.

I think the best of you, I think I really fell in love for you. Months later and you never escape my thoughts and it's tearing me up, that I acted like such
a witch to you," instead of letting you know how much I adored you.

I miss you, I think of you ({unintentionally}, all the time,
but for some reason I continue to think of you, while my heart aches for you. I love you. I know, (because as scared as I as to admit to myself), I know there is nothing in this lifetime that would make me stop loving you.

You have so many qualities, so many wonderful things about you. The minute I first saw you, something happened...
All I know is it is something that happened to me that has never happened before. I have dated very successful men before, but success isn't success unless you are true. You are true, and I think that is one thing why I couldn't believe you were true.

I am so sorry for how I treated you. If you had dealt with my ridiculousness just a little while longer, you would seen that I was simply fighting the love of my life, all because of you. You were too good to be true, but you were true.

I will love you forever aNd you'll never know it. I hope my
one day fate includes you. You have no idea, but you would
have seen the only thing I was attracted to; was you.

YOU'RE THE BEST, and I will always regret to the I die, I never showed you what you meant to me.


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