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I wish i wouldve never did it.

One night my brothers had a party and i went to sleep early. After my dad as drunken he came to sleep in my bed with me. I woke up at 12 because i heard someone moving around it was the guy i had the biggest crush on since i first met him. He asked me if i wanted to hook up with him and i asked where he said in the living room since nobody was there. I went out to the living room to find it full of people. My brother asked me what i was doing and i replied getting something to drink. After that i went back to my room. I asked him if he was drunk and he said no i knew he was lying but i liked him so much. We went into the bathroom i wasnt sure if i wanted to do it yet so i avoided it and started talking to him. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to and made sure he wouldnt regret it later. We were in there for about three and a half hours. He never talked to me since. Its not my fault beacuse He chose to come to my room and even when i said no he kept insisting. I wish i wouldve never did it.


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