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All things will work together for good

A divine child of God, his chosen one. I have always felt Gods powerful & special love for me. It brings me much sadness to now realize what could have been, what should have been. To be loved by those who have been trying to get through to me using power through music, books, art, names, thoughts, the sun & moon everything that exist was created for me this insignificant human all for my benefit this chosen one to help the world. I couldn't have received such unconditional love and returned nothing to make a heart happy. I did not understand that it was for me, not knowing I was so different, divine. How could I even acknowledge it when I was sure, after a life of being told I was unworthy, without importance, lucky to have enough to get by, a life of sarrows. Raised by alcoholics who were both mentally and physically abusive. I have only had one relationship which was much like my childhood home life. I learned about God because I was curious as I am about everything in the world. And at Church I did get special treatment, it also got me away from my home. Summer Camps, Chapel, Odassaga, teaching Sunday school, volunteering where ever I was needed just to be around that kind of love. I never really thought I was unimportant, just never felt important. How was I caused to forget that I once had been an Apostle & in love with the word of God? I also ask why was I kept from my Lord? In my life angels guard over me always, some have come as strangers sent to rescue me when I was in some mess, now I wonder could one have been you my Lord? What a disappointment I must seem to be. Who was this who made me loose my way and my Crown? What ever this has caused who ever I have hurt please I beg your forgiveness. Who do I know that would cause so much hurt and harm. Thrown away into a lost sea as if I had never been loved at all? Who is capable of causing such pain. I grieved very hard after I realized what was taken from me, my heart ached so deeply that my divine power was turning things into ruin, this should not have happened. I am sorry that the world is unsatisfied with this Savior they have been given. I will lick my wounds and swallow my tears, having Faith in myself and God to turn things around. All things will work together for good.


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