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I was a fool and I am sorry

I'm sorry I was too arrogant to realize at the time I knew you, that I should have showed you. Instead, I was afraid and pushed you away looking for any bad signs that was really
nothing bad at all.

I was a fool and I am sorry. I am sorry, because not only does my day become occupied with memories of you, but my heart is full of sadness because you are the only one that I care for.
I hate having thoughts about you, I hate having dreams about you, I hate not being with you. I love you and I was too arrogant to let you know that I really adored you.

Everytime I was with you, I was left speechless, just blown away with you, kind of stilled in a heavy, happy, fog. Just in complete amazement of everything about you. So impressed by you, so attracted to you, so shocked by you, and so happy to be with you. Noone in my life swept me off my feet like you. You took my guard down which became the ultimate threat, as you seemed too good to be true.

Stupid I was and I am sorry; sorry for myself, as I threw away the best thing in this world. I think I feel in love with you and I am the last person in this world to think of such of a thing. But I know I love you, because noone else
makes me feel the way you did. Noone else makes me willing enough to open my heart and give all the genuine, precious
things I would give to you.

I have no problems getting dates, and I certainly don't need anyone in my life to succeed in this life. But the one I want in my life is you, and you don't even know it. You have no idea about me, you are too cool to understand, and you have no idea that I could be the one person in this world who would stand by your side through everything in this life. You have no clue that your genuine, sweet love could end your search with me.

I would love to forget you, I would love to stop thinking about you, I would love to just have one day where I don't think of you. Reality hits when I just can't hear your voice and when I can't see you.

I was too stubborn, you were too cool and too arrogant to let our relationship succeed. Two intelligent, very loving and geuine persons, but yet the two dumbest in the world.

I made my mistakes and I can't correct them. But, at least I will always know that my past was full with experience that every woman wants; which is knowing someone like you. If that's all I can have, I guess that's all I will get. But the memories of you, your smile, your demeanor, your will; That will always be with me for the rest of my life and I doubt that anyone else in this lifetime will compare to you.

I love you.


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