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hold on to your first love no matter what

well i have a ex, but he's not only my ex he's my childs father... im so sorry because. i think he should be saying sorry because he broke my heart and he doesnt even care. he left me for another chick and the whole 6 years i have been dating him he cheated on me now he does not even acknowledge me are his beautful daughter. and now he has three children its horrible. he still tell me he loves me and will always love me but how and he cant even be with me. that is crazy isnt it? but im am so sorry for myself im so sad and depressed i dont sleep are nothing. when i did finaly get over him 4 weeks ago he called me 4 days ago and got in my head again. and i know al he wants is to use me for sex. and this time im not gonna fall for it like i always did.... but i will always love him he was my firs and only love and always be... no matter who he is with.... but i conclued this by saying hold on to your first love no matter what through thick and thin thats what i should of did maybe my daughter would have a dad and i would have a fiance right about now.........


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