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hope we can find a way to build a friendship again.

Sometimes we says things out of spite and or anger, things that we later regret. I'm sorry for comming accross as a posisive freak! You know it yourself, that when put in a certain situation, we act without putting much thought into what we're really saying or what kind of an affect it will have on the future. All I know is that I love you deeply and I know its love because no one has made me feel this way. Quite often, all I have to do is think about you and it feels like every nerve is my body gets shot of such a great sensation, this feeling is unexplainable. I'm sorry and didnt realize the things that I were saying at the time could Hurt or push you farther away from me. I don't even know why I said the things I did, I think I was scared/unsure of what was actually happening and now that it has happened, I'm left with this regret. I am truly sorry and hope we can find a way to build a friendship again.


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